Belvedere Spa - Peccioli - Italy

MBT Stabilization plant


Belvedere S.p.A. was set up in 1997 and it is public company participated by the Peccioli Municipality. Belvedere S.p.A. runs the local landfill and the Energy from Waste power plant in Peccioli; the company core business also includes biomass, solar and wind power production plants.


Belvedere S.p.A.has commissioned to Entsorga the MBT plant in Peccioli (PI) intended to treat the MSW to achieve a biological stabilization of the same thus reducing the methane and leachate generation once disposed in the landfill.


Entsorga has provided on an EPC basis the proprietary patented Entsorga's technolgy Turtle Q-Ring® that combines reliability and process efficiency with low capital investments. Such system is made up of n°13 concrete bio-tunnels covered with a Q-Ring® brethable roof. The excess of air can pass trough the roof as well as the water vapour while the rotting mass is protected from rain and the odours are contained within the biocells.

The tunnels are loaded by means of wheel shovels and the process is fully managed by the automation system that tracks the evolution of the process by measuring the temperature within of the waste during the aerobic fermntation and regulates the air flow accordingly.

The troughput is rMSW or residual municipal waste that is the part of the municipal waste (black bag) that remains unsorted where separate collection program have been activated. The capacity of the plant is 90'000 tpa of residual MSW.

Company: Belvedere Spa
Type of plant: Mechanical Biological Treatment for bio stabilization
Type of waste: Residual MSW
Capacity: 90'000 t/year
Final product: Biostabilized MSW to be landfilled
Timing of realization: 6 months - Started up in June 2015