Consorzio Ind. Prov. di Nuoro - Pratosardo (NU) - Italy

Composting plant


Consorzio Industriale Provinciale di Nuoro is a public entity that operates to create conditions for the development and strengthening of the productive system in the territory under its jurisdiction.


Consorzio Industriale Provinciale di Nuoro has launched a tender for the design and construction of a composting plant for hight quality compost production from source segregated kitchen waste. This contract was awarded by Entsorga and Ati Secit Spa.


Entsorga has provided the costruction and the design of composting plant in order to produce compost. The process consists of the grinding and screening of the material and the aerobic maturation with forced air insufflation. 
The total investment of the plant was 3.045.448,00 € and the capacity is 10'000 tpa of source segregated kitchen waste and the supply includes these Entsorga’s proprietary technologies: CoccinelleQ-Ring® systems and biofilters.
The process of composting begins with the rapid bio–oxidation of the mixture in the reactors.The rapid bio-oxidation of the mixture is implemented by blowing air into the mixture itself in order to provide the mass with the necessary amounts oxygen for the correct chemical reaction to occur. The rapid bio-oxidation process takes between 8 -14 days, according to the desired stability of the material. .
This process is controlled and managed by an automatic informative control system, which operates according to parameters set by the operator, the amount of incoming and out coming air and biomass moistening. 
The slow maturation, or curing, is located inside a closed shed, equipped with blown shelf, placed in depression.
All the exhausted air generated are sent to the biofilter fot the treatment before the emission into the atmosphere.
Company: Consorzio Industriale Provinciale di Nuoro
Type of waste: Source segregated kitchen waste
Type of plant: Composting
Capacity: 10'000 t/y
Final product: Compost
Start up: October 2015