Deco Spa - Chieti - Italy

Stabilization plant


Deco S.p.A. was founded in 1989 and operates in the environmental field. The use of modern and sophisticated technology and the constant adaptation to evolution, allowed Deco S.p.A. to become a large group applying its high professionalism and skill to the entire integrated waste cycle.


Deco S.p.A. has commissioned to Entsorga the civil works, electromechanical and subsidiaries plant design for its stabilization plant in Chieti (CH). 


The plant was designed to MSW treatment in order to produce hight quality SRF. The material received is initially subjected to a primary treatment, then it is sent to the final refining line, from which the finished product will be released.The plant capacity is 270'000 tpa of residual and commercial-industrial waste.

All biostabilization process is managed completely automatically by the control system hence avoiding any intervention by personnel and exposure to waste.

The plant is fully enclosed and the areas are in negative pressure thus avoiding any odour release outside the building. A separate air ventilation system is responsible for aspiration of polluted air from inside the building and subsequent venting through the biofilter for air purification.

The plant is designed not only to take residual MSW in the usual manner, but it is also able to take commercial and industrial waste. In addition, the plant had to be flexible so that the SRF could go to a cement kiln, a dedicated burner or a mass balance energy plant. 

Company: Deco Spa
Type of plant: Stabilization
Type of waste: Residual and commercial-industrial waste
Capacity: 270.000 t/y
Final product: CDR
Start up: November 2009