Derbyshire & Derby long term waste management project - UK

Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plant


The Derbyshire & Derby Long Term Waste Management Project Interserve is one of the most relevant PFI (Project Finance Investment) currently ongoing in the UK. The plant is built by a consortium between Interserve Construction Limited and Shank Group plc. Interserve is one of the biggest player in the infrastructure construction and services sector and it is listed in the London Stock Exchange. Shanks is one of the most successful European waste management companies manly focused in transforming waste into product. Both their sectors are undoubtedly leaders.


Interserve has commissioned to Entsorga the supply of EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) services aimed to the realization of a MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment) section of the plant in Derbyshire, UK.


Entsorga has provided its proprietary patented technology the Bee system in order to get a biodryed material out of MSW suitable to be efficiently used as fuel to the Waste to Energy gasification plant located at the bottom end of the plant. The plant capacity is 190'000 tpa of municipal solid waste (MSW).

The plant is particularly significant because it is the first system that integrates a MBT treatment and the immediate use of alternative fuel produced. The plant location is in Derby city and even though is an industrial area, it is not far from residential areas. For this reason, great care has been given to the environmental controls and especially to any release of odors.

Every process steps occour in enclosed areas that are in negative pressure thus avoiding any odour release outside the building. A separate air ventilation system is responsible for aspiration of polluted air from inside the building and subsequent venting through the biofilter for air purification (purifying efficiency > 99%).



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Company: Interserve
Type of plant: MBT - Biodrying and SRF production
Type of waste: MSW
Capacity: 190'000 t/y
Final product: SRF
Timing of realization: 15 months - Start up in January 2017