Hills Group - Westbury - UK

Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plant


Hills Waste Solutions is one of the largest family-owned waste management companies in the UK and a subsidiary of The Hills Group Limited – a privately owned company established in 1900. For over 50 years Hills Waste Solutions has been providing quality waste management and recycling services to private and public sector customers. The company continues to innovate as a pioneer of the circular economy, utilising waste as a resource and helping customers to achieve zero waste to landfill.


Hills has commissioned to Entsorga the supply of EPC (Engineering Procurement Construcion) services aimed to the realization of a mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant in Wiltshire, UK.


Entsorga has provided Bee stabilization plant for MSW treatment with RDF production for cement works. The capacity of the plant is 60'000 tpa and the total investment was 24.000.000 €.
The biostabilisation area is split into sub-areas running across the width of the plant; each sub-area is independently managed from the others allowing optimisation of treatment for each row.
For a period of up to 15 days, the pre treated waste is then subjected to forced aeration in order to promote the aerobic biological process and oxidation of the organic content. This in turn produces heat which dries and sanitises the material. This is all managed completely automatically by the control system hence avoiding any intervention by personnel and exposure to waste.
At the end of the Biostabilisation cycle, the material is removed from the biostabilisation hall and placed into the refining area hopper using the bucket and overhead crane. Besides the hopper is a shredder that receives the overscreen fraction both these streams are fed to a conveyor belt that conveys this material to the main SRF refining line.
Company: Hills
Type of plant: MBT
Type of waste: MSW
Capacity: 60'000 t/y
Final product: SRF for cement industry
Start up: December 2013