La Città Verde - Composting Plant - Crevalcore (BO) - Italy

Composting plant


La Città Verde Cooperativa Sociale was founded in 1991 and over the years has developed his experience in agriculture, environment, in the social work and rehabilitation perspective. For 25 years La Città Verde is working with waste treatment and its activity is based in Crevalcore, in a facility that develops on over 14.000 m2.


In order to fulfil its mission, La Città Verde has commissioned to Entsorga the construction of its composting plant in Crevalcore (BO). The Entsorga supply scope is an EPC contract (Engineering Procurement Construction).


The material is tipped into a bunker from where is handled by an automate overhead crane that is moving the waste and the bulging agents (wood trimmings) into a suitable mixer. From the mixer the material is then loaded into n.10 Turtle Q-Ring® tunnel system where remains for 15 days to undergo an accelerated composting fermentation.
The whole process is supervised by an automated system that manages the material handling in reception and all the process parameters of the fermentation system and the biofilter.
All the plant is enclosed and any exhaust air is the treated into a dedicated biofilter capable of abating 99.5% of the odours.

The plant offer excellent odour and emission controls, efficient technology, high level of automation of material handling and process reliability.

The plant construction took about 12 months and it was inaugurated on Saturday, 2016 April 30th.The capacity is 15'000 tpa of source segregated kitchen waste.

Company: La Città Verde Cooperativa Sociale
Type of plant: Composting
Type of waste: Source segregated kitchen waste
Capacity: 15'000 t/y
Final product: High Quality Compost
Timing of realization: 12 months - Started up in June 2016