Territorio e Risorse Srl - Santhią - Italy

Composting and anaerobic digestion plant


Territorio e Risorse S.r.l., 100% owned by Entsorga, is the holder of Santhià composting plant that is the proven and proprietary Entsorga’s Bee technology.


In order to fulfil its mission, Entsorga has realized the Santhià composting plant to produce High Quality Compost from MSW.


The plant has been designed in order to serve the north Piedmont area and in particular the Vercelli Province. 

The plant has been designed to achieve the following targets:

  • environmental compatibility: all the operations are in enclosed and airproof building kept in negative pressure. Neither odours nor dust are released.
  • management and labour costs reduction by enforcing a full automation thus making it possible to manage the plant.The automation is also beneficial in regards with health and safety matters by preventing the operator to access the areas where the rotting masses are.
  • low energy consumption by preferring low consumption equipments and energy recovery devices where possible (cranes). 


In February 2016 Entsorga has obtained the authority to build and operate the Santhià composting plant expansion project with anaerobic digestion. The section of anaerobic digestion will be about 5.000 m2 of the total employment.The plant capacity will be 50'000 tpa of organic waste.

The expansion project will strengthen the objectives stated above and to add further strengths, such as:

  • energy self-sufficiency
  • high Automation
  • overall equipment optimization

“Territorio e Risorse Srl. is explicity born for realize the Santhià composting plant and provide High Quality Compost from MSW. We are not simply dischargers of waste: our mother house has built the plant and we have the interest that everything is perfectly to lead our customers to visit our structure” said G.Francesco Galanzino, Entsorga’s CEO.

Company: Territorio e Risorse Srl
Type of plant: Composting and anaerobic digestion
Type of waste: Organic Waste
Capacity: 36.000 t/y of kitchen waste from separate collection. Following the expansion: 50.000 t/y of kitchen waste from separate collection
Final product: Compost e Biogas
Start up: Composting: since 2009. Anaerobic digestion: since 2017