Titan Cement Company & Misr Beni-Suef Cement Company- Beni Suef - Egypt


Titan Cement Company was founded in Greece in 1902 and is an independent, vertically integrated cement and building materials producer with 115 years of industry experience. Headquartered in Greece, Titan Group owns cement plants in ten countries and employs more than 5.482 people worldwide (including joint ventures).

Misr Beni-Suef Cement Company is Egyptian joint stock company which produces all kinds of Portland cement and clinker and related material. The main objective of the company is to contribute to supply Portland Cement to the Egyptian market and global markets. 


Titan Cement Company has commissioned to Entsorga an aeraulic separator (wind shifter or air separator), suitable to be used for splitting the heavy fraction of waste from pretreated MSW to obtain a material suitable to be used in Solid Recovered Fuel preparation.  


Entsorga has supplied an air separator line, a well proven technology for SRF production capable of splitting the stream into a low density and high-density fraction. The low-density stream contains mainly plastic, paper, card and organics collectively having a higher calorific value and is the source of the higher quality Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). The high-density stream generates a lower quality SRF or waste depending upon the SFR specification.


  • huge possibility of mechanical and electrical settings to optimize separation.
  • simple and easy maintenance
  • capacity > 15 t/h
  • density 0.15 t/m3
  • size 30-300 mm
  • light fraction plastic film, paper, coated paper
  • heavy fraction: glass, wood, metal concrete, stones, bricks

The air separator line is completed with a chain conveyor, a light and heavy fraction conveyor belts and a dust filter with a capacity of 8.000 m3/h. 

Company: Titan Cement Company & Misr Beni-Suef Cement Company
Type of plant: SRF mechanical refinement plant
Type of waste: Pretreated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
Capacity: 92'000 t/y
Final product: SRF for cement industry
Start-up and commissioning: October 2017