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Cookies are small text files that the websites you visit send and store on your device (usually through the browser used by the device). When you return to those websites, the files are sent back.

When you visit this website, small pieces of data contained in files called “cookies” will be saved in the directory of the web browser of your computer or mobile device. The cookies are stored for a length of time, depending on the purpose they serve, that can vary between a few hours to a few years. Profiling cookies are stored for a maximum of 365 calendar days.

This Cookies Policy is an incorporated part of the “Privacy Policy” of ENTSORGAFIN SPA, which also includes the privacy and cookies policy statement available here. It has been prepared in compliance with the Data Protection Authority Order dated 8 May 2014, published in Official Journal no. 126 of 3 June 2014, implementing Directive 2002/58/EC.

The decision to organise the provision of information in this way is motivated by a commitment to providing you with greater clarity as to what cookies are, how they are used and how they can be disabled.

Cookies enable the semi-permanent storage of information concerning user preferences and other technical data that facilitate browsing and make the website itself better and easier to use. For instance, cookies can be used to determine whether your computer has already visited the website so as to highlight what is new or to “remember” login credentials.

You can choose which cookies to accept or decline from this website (see the detailed list of “types of cookies” provided below) through your browser settings, by following the instructions provided. You can also choose to browse “anonymously”, which means browsing the Internet without saving any information on websites, visited pages, any passwords entered or other parameter information that could identify you in any way.


Your user data are also collected through third-party tools and services and stored by those third parties.

For more information, see the cookie policies of those third parties, for which instructions are provided further on.

It is objectively complex to identify all the technologies that use cookies and how they are tightly integrated into the way the Web and web applications work. As such, we invite you to contact the Data Controller if you wish to receive more in-depth information on how and why cookies are used by this website, including by third parties.


If you have any doubts or concerns about the use of cookies, you can always block certain types of cookies by changing your browser’s privacy settings on your device, to stop them from being placed and read.

Since every browser is different, and even different versions of the same browser can vary significantly, if you would like to change your browser settings on your own, you can find detailed information on the necessary procedures to follow in the guide to your browser. For an overview of how you can manage cookies through major browsers available, visit the website

Cookie preferences can therefore be changed directly through your browser to block third parties, for instance, from placing cookies on your computer. Your browser preferences also allow you to eliminate cookies already stored on your computer, including the cookie saving your consent to the placement of cookies by this website. It is important to remember that if you disable all cookies, some features of this website may not work as intended.

You can find information on how to manage or disable cookies in your browser at the following links:

Google Chrome: 

Mozilla Firefox:

Apple Safari:

Microsoft Windows Explorer:


If the web browser you use in not listed above, we advise you to check the online help or documentation of your browser for further information.

The Data Controller has provided the links shown above merely as a technical intermediary. As such, it assumes no liability for any changes and stresses that if you disable all types of cookies (including technical cookies), some of the features of this website may be disabled or no longer work properly.

COOKIES (definition and general description)

Cookies are small text files stored in your browser that help the Data Controller provide its services for the purposes described.

When browsing a website, your device may receive third-party cookies sent from other websites or web servers, which may store some elements of the website you are visiting (such as, for example, images, maps, sounds and specific links to other domains).

Your browser usually will store a large number of cookies, some of which may be persistent, which are used for different purposes, such as for computerised authentication, session monitoring or storing information on the preferences of users accessing the server. For certain purposes, the placement of cookies on your device may require your consent.

Cookies cannot be differentiated by their technical characteristics, so to build a proper legal framework for them they need to be distinguished by the purposes pursued by the sites that use them.

This is what lawmakers have done, in implementation of the provisions of Directive 2009/136/EC, by requiring that the prior, informed consent of users is required for the placement of cookies serving purposes that are not merely technical (see Article 1 (5.a) of Italian Legislative Decree 69 of 28 May 2012, amending Article 122 of the Personal Data Protection Code).

More information about cookies can be found at, as well as on the website of the Italian Data Protection Authority, where useful information is reported on the classification of cookies, as provided by the Data Protection Authority Order dated 8 May 2014, published in Official Journal no. 126 of 3 June 2014, implementing Directive 2002/58/EC.


This website makes use of various types of cookies, some to improve the usability of the website, others to enable certain features.

The cookies used to enable the usability of the website and provide the services associated with it include:

First-party cookies are cookies generated and used by this website, whereas third-party cookies are those generated through the website by third parties.

While we reiterate that if you disable certain cookies, you may limit your ability to use the website and benefit fully from its features and services, we remind you that information is provided in the previous section on how best to manage or disable cookies.

This website makes use of different types of cookies, each serving specific purposes, which can be classed under one or more of the categories described below.


In general, technical cookies enable past actions or user sessions to be saved or are used to perform tasks strictly necessary for a website to work.

Some technical cookies are essential for this website to work properly, enabling browsing, the display of content and the utilisation of its features.

This website uses technical cookies that are necessary and essential for it to work properly and which improve your browsing experience.

The use of cookies of this kind does not require your consent.

Functional cookies (which are comparable to technical cookies for the purposes of the Data Protection Authority Order dated 8 May 2014, published in Official Journal no. 126 of 3 June 2014, implementing Directive 2002/58/EC) allow the website to store your user preferences (including your user name) so as to personalise and optimise your browsing experience. Generally, cookies of this kind may be necessary to keep your user session open or to enable you to access any reserved areas of the website. They can also be used to store temporarily information entered in forms when you browse from one page to another during the same user session.

Functional cookies are not indispensable for the website to work, but they improve the quality and user experience of the website. If you do not accept these cookies, the features of the website may not work as intended and access to its contents may be limited.

This website uses cookies to save user sessions and to perform tasks strictly necessary for the website to work properly, for instance as concerns distributing website traffic.

One particular type of technical cookie is the cookie that stores cookie consent. This cookie saves the consent you give to the use of cookies by this website, so that the cookie banner does not reappear every time you return to the website to ask for your consent.


These are cookies used to collect and analyse information that help understand how users make use of website. They provide, for instance:

statistical information on accesses and visits to the website, in relation to the last page viewed;
the number of sections and pages visited and the number of visitors;
statistical information concerning the average amount of time spent by users on the website.

This information can potentially be associated with details such as your IP address, domain or browser; however, when it is analysed to obtain anonymous statistical information on website usage only, the cookies that collect the information can be likened to technical cookies, as is the case with ENTSORGAFIN SPA.


This website uses Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect and analyse information, in aggregate form, on the browsing habits of users. Website usage information generated by the cookie (including your IP address) is forwarded and stored on Google servers. Neither this website nor Google will associate your IP address to other data in their possession to identify you directly.

The use of cookies of this kind is not necessary, but it helps the Data Controller improve its contents and services on the basis of the findings of the statistical analyses.

Your consent is not necessary for the use of this kind of cookie, as it is sufficient to provide a complete cookie policy statement together with a cookie banner containing a summary statement.


These cookies incorporate the features and services developed by third parties into the website, such as social media icons and preferences or mapping software.

These cookies are sent from third-party domains and partner websites that offer their features on the pages of the website.

If you have an account or use the services of those providers on other websites, they may be able to know that you have visited the website

You should also be aware that those external providers, over which ENTSORGAFIN SPA can exercise no form of control, could intercept your personal data when browsing or other websites through the information saved in the cookies to which you have consented.

ENTSORGAFIN SPA can, therefore, provide no guarantee as to how those third-party data controllers might use the information collected.

Use of the information collected through cookies by such third parties is subject to their respective privacy policies. For more detailed information, we recommend reading the privacy policies of services flagged as third-party cookies.


These cookies enable customisable interactive maps to be included in the website. This website uses Google Maps to provide detailed information on the location of our offices.


The website features social media buttons (or “widgets”) showing the icons of social media and other social networking services (such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). Clicking on one of the buttons will enable you to access the social media site directly from this website. If you do, the social media site will acquire data concerning your visit, however ENTSORGAFIN SPA will not share any browsing information or user data acquired through the website with the social media accessible through the buttons/widgets.

Social media cookies are necessary to allow users to interact with websites through their social media account and serve to enable them to “like” or share the website with their social media contacts.

They are most commonly used to share social media content. Plug-ins entail the transmission of cookies to and from third-party websites. How the information collected by third parties is used is subject to their respective privacy policies, which we recommend you read.

If you visit the website ENTSORGAFIN SPA while logged-in to your social media account, the information could be associated with your account. Similarly, if you use the plug-ins available (for instance, by clicking on the “Like” button), the information will be associated with your account.

Cookies of this kind are not indispensable for this website to work properly.


In association with its Newsletter service, ENTSORGAFIN SPA uses a tracker to receive e-mail read and click notifications in order to learn what interests you in relation to the information sent.


To ensure maximum transparency, below we provide details of the cookies used by the website

Cookie name Purpose of the cookie Duration First-party/Third-party
__atuvc This cookie is associated with the AddThis sharing widget, which is commonly incorporated into websites to allow users to share content with a series of social networking platforms. The cookie saves the updated number of visits shared and enables users to see the updated number of shares to various social media after sharing a page through the AddThis button. 2 years AddThis
__atuvs This cookies ensures that users see the updated number of shares when they share a page through the AddThis sharing app. Session AddThis
__ga This is a Google Analytics cookie. It is used to distinguish users by assigning them a unique ID number generated randomly. It is included in every page request and is used to calculate the number of visitors and visitor sessions to produce analytic reports. 2 years Google Inc

This is a Google Analytics cookie, used to speed up access requests.
Google Inc
_gid This is a Google Analytics cookie. It is used to distinguish users so as to monitor website usage. 24 hours Google Inc
PHPSESSID PHPSESSID is a PHP native cookie which enables websites to save session status data. It is used by this website to create a user session and to transmit status data through a temporary cookie, more commonly known as a session cookie. PHPSESSID does not have an expiry time and is destroyed when the client is closed down. Session First-party
cb-enable This cookie is used to remind the website whether or not the user has already seen the summary statement and clicked the OK button. 100 days First-party


As required by the Data Protection Authority Order “Identification of simplified formats for cookie policy statements and the acquisition of cookie consent” dated 8 May 2014 and reiterated by Article 122 (2) of the Personal Data Protection Code, where required, the consent of the user is necessary for the use of cookies.

When you use this application for the first time, a banner will appear showing a short statement on the use of cookies.

If you continue using the website by closing the banner, clicking on any part of the page, or scrolling down the page to see more content, you will accept the Cookie Policy of and consent to the placement and collection of cookies. If you do not accept by abandoning the page, any cookies stored locally will remain on your device (unless erased by your device’s browser or by similar means), but will not be read or used by ENTSORGAFIN SPA until you accept our Cookie Policy. You will be able to remove the cookies at any time, as explained below.

The website will remember your choice and the next time you visit the website from the same device the banner will not reappear. Nevertheless, you can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies, in whole or in part, at any time.

If for technical reasons you cannot give your consent, please contact the Data Controller through the channels provided by this website for assistance to be provided.


For your convenience, and to ensure greater transparency, below we provide:



For more information and any updates, we recommend visiting the dedicated page.

Mozilla Firefox

For more information visit the dedicated page.

Internet Explorer

For more information visit the dedicated page.

Safari 6

Safari iOS (mobile devices)

For more information visit the dedicated page.


For more information visit the dedicated page.

Third-party web services


Useful links to help understand the privacy policy of Google Analytics, find consent collection forms and disable the use of analytic cookies to stop Google Analytics from collecting browsing data

Google Maps

Flash Cookies

To disable Flash Cookies, use the Flash Adobe tools available at:


Social Media

For your convenience, and to ensure greater transparency, below we list the web addresses of the policy statements and cookie settings of major social media sites.

Facebook policy statement:

Facebook (configuration): Login to your account. Privacy section.

Twitter policy statement:

Twitter (configuration):

LinkedIn policy statement:

LinkedIn (configuration):

Google+ policy statement:

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Pinterest policy statement:

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YouTube policy statement: http://

Vimeo (configuration):

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Publication Date: 2018, February 14