coccinella entsorgaOur history

In 1997 a group of entrepreneurs decided to join forces with the aim to change the waste management by developing a suite of innovative technologies inspired to the concepts of high efficiency, environmental and economical sustainability and enhanced automation. With this ambitious target in mind Entsorga was founded.


After twenty years, Entsorga has developed a remarkable number of solutions in the fields of both waste management and production of alternative fuels with a special focus on providing the highest standards of health and safety and minimizing the impact on the surrounding and on the environment. Such a process of continuous improvement in research and design has led Entsorga to grow into a key player worldwide in providing proprietary technologies for: 


In addition, over the course of its life, Entsorga has diversified its activities by building and managing waste treatment plants as well as creating several subsidiaries abroad, in order to better offer its technological achievements to a truly worldwide clientele.

The company currently operates over four continents: Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

Entsorga is able to provide a vast range of services relating to the project process of waste treatment plants, from the initial steps of conception, planning, design and advising to every stage of the final implementation.
Today the company can rightfully boast considerable experience in the construction of waste treatment plants, together with an ample choice of technological offers: such a know-how and product range allow Entsorga to fullfil every potential need, from facilities conceived for small communities to large-sized, fully automated plants. 
Entsorga is routinely able to define and actualize specific solutions, including landfill diversion and recycling targets, that are tailor-made to meet all costumers requirements.