The Saturno project: the search for innovative methods for the circurlar economy of organic waste


Today one of the most ambitious challenges on a world wide scale to make our cities and industrial processes more eco sustainable regards the search for innovative methods for the collection of urban waste, transforming it into useful compost and raw materials for agriculture and industry.

To this end , in July 2019 project Saturno began, this is an accronym for Organic waste and Carbon Anhydride transformed into Fuel, fertilizer and chemical products; the concrete application of the ecoNOmia circular. The project comprises 26 partners including Universities, Research Centres and compagnies, Entsorga is one of these.

Our contribution to this project regards in particolar the construction of an optical separator protype NIR of latest generation for the selection of plastics from organic waste, in this way taking full advantage of the maximum possibility of recovery and recycling. This instrument, which is in the final phase of completion, will be put into place by the summer of 2020 in two partner companies to carry out the same number of tests, each of the duration of 6 weeks; in ACEA it will operate directly on plastic waste from pretreatment from FORSU, in GAIA on the plastics that have been separated after the composting process.  The fraction of non biodegradable plastics that won’t be separated or treated will be used in a conversion plant in CSS (Secondary Solid Fuels) situated in Territorio e Risorse Srl  (a company once owned by Entsorga and now owned by Iren) - in Santhià (VC).  The aim of the tests, as well as the characterization of the type of plastic (PET,PE etc.), will also be to create a database to evaluate the level of refinement necessary to improve to the fullest the quality of the alternative fuel for cement manufacturing, eliminating PVC which has a high chlorine content.