Anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a biological process to generate biogas from putrescible waste to be used for power production or refined into methane as vehicle fuel.


In the AD process the putrescible waste is converted, in total absence of oxygen, into biogas which is mainly made up of methane and CO2 and is eligible as renewable energy.

The AD process has considerable advantages: 

  • It makes it possible to produce valuable renewable energy (electric power or vehicle fuel)
  • Allows for efficient odor control
  • Improves the energy balance of the plant
  • Requires a very limited footprint
The AD is the natural complement of a composting plant as composting is the best way to recycle the solid part of the digestate.
In truth AD can replace the active phase of composting. AD really produces Green Energy and it is ultimately an industrial plant in itself.
In cooperation with Acea Pinerolese, Entsorga offers to the market a proprietary and referenced technology for anaerobic digestion: the patented Florawiva and Cow system.

Power generator

Anaerobic digestion unit added in Santhià composting plant