MTB Biostabilization

The Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) for biostabilization aims to reduce the impact on the environment of the putrescible fraction of unsorted waste when landfilled. It delivers reduction in greenhouse gases emission and in leachate production.


Two kinds of approach to the MBT process can be distinguished, according to the plant used in the mechanical and biological phases:

  • the traditional two flow treatment system - where the input waste is shredded and screened, the underscreen is sent for bio-stabilization and the overscreen is sent for recycling or recovery
  • the single flow treatment system – where all the material is shredded and then sent for bio-oxidation

Biostabilization is an aerobic oxidation that mineralizes the putrescible fraction of the unsorted MSW (Municipal solid waste).

The process includes two stages:

  • a first stage of mechanical selection executed according to each of the two methods 
  • a second of aerobic digestion of the putrescibles.

Entsorga provides a full range of proprietary proven technology to adapt the plant design to the needs of the users: from entry level and emergency plants up to large automated plants ranging up to 300'000 tpa of MSW (see the box).