Bat Q-Ring«

Mobile plant with breathable cover Q-Ring® that makes it possible to obtain sanitized and hygienized material from organic matrices such as that of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).


The Bat Q-Ring® by placing the waste material under specially designed sheets during the bio-oxidation phase allows for air circulation into the material so as to accelerate the bio-oxidation of the waste material. 
The whole system consists of three main components:the sheet, the ventilation system, the management software

The advantages are the following:

  • modularity: it is a modular and movable solution for waste aerobic fermentation. It is easily adaptable to different treatments and facilities requirements. 
  • standardization: the product industrialization is the real difference that means efficiency, duration, reliability and facility of use.
  • low investment: it is one of the cheapest technology in the market to face emergency problems.