The Entsorga's patent and proprietary technology Bee is the best performing solution: a fully automated plant with single reactor, exceptionally environmental safe (no odors) and efficient. The exceptional odor control system makes the technology probably the best in the market. 


Entsorga have carefully evaluated the development of MBT in Europe and have combined the best features with its own experience to develop the BEE system with the aim of realising the following objectives:

  • high process automation and equipment reliability
  • cost minimisation, in particular energy, labour and operating costs
  • environmental compatibility and protection
  • high productivity
  • high flexibility

The main process steps include: waste acceptance and unloading, primary mechanical treatment, biological treatment, mechanical treatment – refinement, process control system, SRF compaction, storage and transportation, output destination.

Unlike other traditional systems where only mechanical sorting and shredding of the different waste streams are used, the Bee system combines advanced mechanical and optical sorting solutions together with a smart biological stabilization (biodrying) of the feedstock that ensures delivering a uniform fuel with high carbon content.  It is designed according to the specific needs of the final user, while providing an efficient separation of recyclables (ferrous and non ferrous metals, glass, selected plastics) and unwanted streams like PVC, inerts and fines.