Modular container reactor system, ideal for small-medium plants, that can be quickly upgraded as input increases. Reliable, well proven, flexible, low cost, environmentally safe, and easy to manage system. A rapid process with minimal environmental impact. 


Le Coccinelle® is a modular solution where each module typically consists of eight reactors (capacity: 25 m3 each), one biofilter, blowing system, pipelines and automatic devices, monitoring system of the process and control parameters.

The advantages of the technology are:

  • minimal environmental impacteasy to install
  • safety and efficiency: the process of bio-oxidation and ventilation is monitored by a automation and control system which optimises key process parameters and guarantees process reliability.
  • modularity and simplicity: a basic module composed of 8 containers allows an easy adaptability to the different treatments and facilities requirements 
  • very efficient odour control by means of proprietary biofilters
  • ideal for plants from 3'500 to 12'000 tpa capacity