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12.09.2019 Entsorga Touts Facility That Turns Municipal Waste Into Coal Substitute - Forbes PDF (912.84KB)
05.09.2019 Solid Recovered Fuels: The Next Frontier for Fossil Fuel Alternatives? - Waste 360 PDF (2.05MB)
06.08.2019 BioHiTech Global provides a behind the scenes look at Entsorga West Virginia waste to fuel plant - Recycling product news PDF (236.88KB)
19.06.2019 A Recyclable Commodity - Martinsburg's New Waste-to-Energy Facility Turns Trash Into Fuel - West Virginia Public Broadcasting PDF (1.26MB)
03.06.2019 Entsorga Starting Production of High Quality Alternative Fuel - Global recycling PDF (538.44KB)
29.05.2019 Entsorga Starting Production of SRF Plant in Martinsburg, West Virginia - Recycling portal PDF (397.83KB)
08.03.2019 BioHiTech Global Initiates Operations at the Nation's First HEBioT Renewable Resource Recovery Facility in Martinsburg West Virginia PDF (984.88KB)
08.03.2019 Entsorga facility expected to run at full capacity near end of spring 2019 _ Journal-news _ PDF (339.3KB)
31.01.2019 Il Gruppo Entsorga esporta elevate tecnologie green nel settore dei rifiuti - La Stampa PDF (1.81MB)
29.01.2019 Oggi Entsorga in onda su RAI 3 - Tortona OGGI PDF (1.85MB)
29.01.2019 Su RAI 3 si parla di Entsorga - Oggi Cronaca PDF (1.84MB)
29.01.2019 Entsorga: l'azienda tortonese protagonista su RAI 3 - Corriere AL PDF (1.76MB)
09.01.2019 Ambiente, il know how italiano fa rotta in Egitto - Il Sole 24 ORE PDF (722.75KB)
01.12.2018 IEG, meeting Italia-Egitto per sviluppo sostenibile e green technologies - Il Messaggero PDF (1.71MB)
30.11.2018 Global Spending on Clean Energy Solutions - Oil & Gas PDF (1.73MB)
29.11.2018 EntsorgaFin premiata all'Open Innovative PMI - Recycling Industry PDF (308.36KB)
17.11.2018 All’Entsorga, il premio nazionale nel settore dell’innovazione - OGGIcronaca PDF (204.86KB)
16.11.2018 Premio Open Innovative Pmi ad EntsorgaFIN - CorriereAL PDF (169.94KB)
15.11.2018 PMI innovative, nel 2018 rallentano le iscrizioni - La Stampa PDF (1.03MB)
13.11.2018 MARTINSBURG — Turning trash into money is no longer a pipe dream - The Journal PDF (274.88KB)