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Entsorga Italia was created in 1997, and has continuously developed its knowledge and technologies in cooperation with major Research Institutes like the Milan University the Milan Polytechnic and the Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza.

Today Entsorga is a leading company in the sector of waste biological treatment. The public awareness of Entsorga and the peculiarity of the proposed technologies have identified some treatment methods with the proprietary brands. With the COCCINELLE name people refer to the bio container composting technology.

The Company operates in Italy, in the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Greece. The long lasting experience in the waste treatment plant construction and the mix of the solution proposed allow Entsorga to adapt the proposal to the particular needs of a territory.

The principles on which the Entsorga solutions are based are environmental protection, user friendly approach, process automation in order to increase efficiency and reliability, low energy consumption, continuous improvement.


The relevant investment in Research and Developments have made it possible to optimize a number of technological solutions according to the various conditions, the plant capacity and waste quantity:

  • LE COCCINELLE® Roll on -roll off containers suitable for both composting and biostabilization of rMSW;
  • TURTLE Q-RING® Concrete vessels for composting and biostabilization
  • SCARABEO® High capacity composting or MBT plants
  • Q-RING® system: ready to use system for waste biostabilization in the landfill
  • GeCO2 ®   landfill gas and methane degradation device.

Entsorga Italia can provide assistance at a variety of stages in the project process from conception, planning, design and advising to the final implementation of the chosen waste treatment system.

The Entsorga technologies are equipped with computerized management systems for the control and measurement of the process, ensuring that the process runs efficiently and provides confidence to the operator and regulators.

Entsorga Italia SpA has achieved:


  • Qualification for the execution of public works for the category OS 14: WASTE DISPOSAL AND RECYCLING PLANTS Class IVbis;