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Entsorga at COP26. Towards the Net-Zero goal.

It was an exciting few days at the Climate Conference, with a turnout above expectations. After Paris 2015 and Copenhagen 2009, COP26 was the most attended in terms of representation of States, NGOs and press organs. It is difficult to give an exhaustive account of what happened in Glasgow. In the dozens of pavilions, conferences and working tables were held simultaneously, in addition to the meetings organized by the Observers recognized by the UNFCCC and those of the Secretariat. In this scenario, Entsorga has been invited by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) to talk about its experience and ...
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Carbon dioxide diversion from 1st January

tonnes of CO2eq


Schermata 2021 10 04 alle 11.41.03

We look forward to Ecomondo

From October 26 to 29, 2021, we were back in attendance at Ecomondo, the reference event in Europe for technological ...
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TRASH cover attraverso 2021 tortona

TRASH!…2…1 On September 3rd in Tortona, the show on the circular economy was put on in collaboration with Entsorga

What happens to our cell phones when they no longer work? How long does a plastic bottle last? What are the dangers ...
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