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Santhià Biogas Project in Italy Receives Construction Completion Certification

“We are excited to announce the completion of Entsorga’s first biogas facility utilizing their state of the art mechanical and biological treatment technology combined with Zenviro Tech’s anaerobic digestion technology stated Christopher Maloney, President of the IBA. “This is the first collaboration for the two IBA companies in Italy with several more planned over the next few years. The client, Iren S.p.A., is one of Italy’s major public utility companies and already has plans for further expansion at the facility to double biogas production of the first unit. We are confident that the Santhià plant will become a strong global reference ...
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Carbon dioxide diversion from 1st January

tonnes of CO2eq


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Cow Lab has arrived, the pilot support plant for the anaerobic plant in Santhià

The starting of the new anaerobic digester in Santhià will take place for the first time with the support of ...
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TRASH cover attraverso 2021 tortona

TRASH!…2…1 On September 3rd in Tortona, the show on the circular economy was put on in collaboration with Entsorga

What happens to our cell phones when they no longer work? How long does a plastic bottle last? What are the dangers ...
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