Everyone in smartworking. In Entsorga the work goes on at full steam

Since Monday march 9, 2020, our company has activated a smartworking regime which has been extended to include all our employees and collaborators. This allows us to be 100% fully operational, without suffering any slowdown in our activity.

“Fortunately for a company like Entsorga, working remotely is relatively simple”, our CEO F. Gallanzino commented. “Maintaining relationships all over the world and having offices which are outside our national territory, everyday we are already used to and technologically equipped for, conference calls and long distance working relationships. Right now we only need to add distance with our colleagues who we have lunch with on a daily basis and it twill be necessary to organize our daily routines by adding some extra phone calls and moving around a little less. None of this can compare to what our doctors, nurses and all medical staff in the Italian Health system are achieving, and who are constantly giving us proof of their extraordinary efficiency”.

As a country we are facing a period which will test our system to the limit, a situation where we find ourselves in the front line and in a new experience.

However, we are confident that, also in these difficult circumstances, each and every one of us, both inside our respective companies and in our private lives, will do our utmost to make sure that life goes on as before in as much as is humanly possible. Together we will go on and together we will come out on the other side with our heads held high.