Italy-Egypt business forum: waste and renewable energy at the center of the meeting

Among the many international meetings that have taken place at Ecomondo, we highlight the absolute debut of the first Italy – Egypt Business Forum on water, energy, waste and mobility, organized by the Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee in partnership with the Italian Embassy in Cairo and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.

It was a very important event, which follows the first stage of the Italy-Egypt meeting organized in Cairo last year. Among the speakers, the Chief Cabinet of the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment, and our CEO G. F. Galanzino.

The Egyptian situation was illustrated by Tamer Mostafa, Chief Cabinet Officer of the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment, together with an Egyptian delegation of authoritative speakers.
Highlighting the Egyptian government’s investments for the next 5 years, Tamer Mostafa introduced the current situation in Egypt through some significant indicators, including 26 million waste generated in a year, 55% efficiency in collection and transport, 20% of treatment and recycling efficiency and 80% of disposal in landfills.

According to the Chief Cabinet of the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment, the main pillars of integrated waste management are therefore hygienic dumps, treatment plants, transfer stations, collection and transport.
Mostafa then illustrated the urgent development plan for the next 2 years (2019/2021) in Egypt, which consists of passing from 55% to 80% in the growth of collection and transport efficiency, from 20% to 60% in growth of the recycling rate, and in reducing the use of landfill from 80% to 20%, going from 0% to 20% in terms of heat treatment for electricity generation.

The new waste management system specifically involves the application of three programs: the closure of 57 landfills, and the subsequent construction of 92 transfer stations, of which 36 are fixed and 56 are mobile, and the installation and growth of Efficiency of 70 lines for treatment plants.

Among the speakers also our CEO G.F. Galanzino, who presented Entsorga as one of the qualified companies to help the Egyptian government to achieve an increasingly integrated management of the waste cycle, which favors the use of more modern and efficient treatment systems that allow to significantly reduce the use of landfills.