The plants in Italy are open. Waste disposal services have not ceased

Considering the importance of the service provided, the Italian plants in Santhià (VC) and Palermo (PA) are continuing to operate in complete safety. To halt the chain of waste disposal treatment would in fact have extremely serious consequences, which would lead to an aggravation of the current sanitary emergency.

To allow the operators to continue to carry out their work, in Santhià all the employees have been provided with the required protection and all anti contagion measures  – have been put into place, also when  referring to plants where thanks to the extremely high levels of automation, all types of contact are already reduced to minimal levels.  “We cannot but express our profound gratitude to every worker who, every day works to maintain the level of urban hygiene at its highest and by so doing guarantees  the efficiency of an essential public service to everyone”, our CEO G.F. Galanzino, underlined. “As Entsorga we can assure all our staff that we are taking every preventive measure against contagion by Covid-19 rigorously”.

Apart from the construction activity of the new plants, already safety guaranteed by the regulations of the DPCM of 23.03.2020, all work pertaining to the tecnical office and all our administrative activities are being carried out remotely  in smart working.

In our own small way, we continue to guarantee all our staff, our clients and our suppliers our continued operativity and our contribution to this global battle.