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Installation and commissioning Titan Group plant in Beni Suef

Entsorga has recently completed the construction of an SRF mechanical refinement plant in Beni Suef Egypt for Titan Cement Co.

The Entsorga’s system, with a capacity of 92,000 tonnes/year (> 15 tonnes/h), is capable of splitting the stream into a low density and high density fraction. The low density stream contains mainly plastic, paper, card and organics collectively having a higher calorific value and is the source of the higher quality Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF).

Due to the constant increasing fossil fuels costs (coke and petrol derivate) for the cement production in the lasts years, it is actually too much important for the cement facilities find and use alternatively fuels with less costs of supplying. In this overview, the solid recovered fuel from Municipal Solid Waste, with an average calorific value of 14.000 – 18.000 kJ/kg, becomes an important source of energy and can be used to reduce the costs for the cement production.

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